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Red Nose Day 2013

Red Nose Day Money Raised 2013 

Red Nose Day 2013


March 2015

A few more yummy recipes for you. Brownies, Flapjacks and Pavola

March 2014

This site was initially written to support Red Nose Day 2013 and had a domain name of


July 2013

We would like to thank all that donated to Comic Relief 2013 from this site. Our donation page is now closed. WE set a target of £100 and we are pleased to say £136.19 was raised for Comic Refief.


Comic Relief has raised over £93M in total so far in 2013. All the money goes to good causes in the UK and around the world. We hope to be back next time for more baking favourites.

David King & Susan Lawrence

July 2013

Red Nose Day 2013

Visit the Red Nose Day / Comic Relief website for further updates.


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About Us

David & Susan are both love home baking. We have provided a few of our recipes for you to enjoy and hopefully make a little money for a good cause. Thank you to all that have supported us and we hope you enjoyed baking with us

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Cherry & Almond Cake

Red Nose & Snotty Nose Cake!

Red or Green Cherry cake with Almond Flakes. (Plus Cherry combo)

Chelsea Buns

Chelsea Buns

Cinnamon and Fruit Swirl Buns with Apricot and sugar glazing. Probably the best bun you will ever eat!

Coffee and Walnut Cake

Hard Nose Cake

Traditional Coffee and Walnut Cake with Coffee Cream Filling and icing

Traditional Scones

Traditional Fruit Scones

Scones made with Buttermilk and Dried Fruit

Lemonade Scones

Lemonade Scones

Made with Lemonade and Cream (Australian)

Herman Friendship Cake

Herman Friendship Cake

Original and Other variation of this Traditional Friendship cake.


Luxury Bran Loaf

The healthy option Fruit Loaf without the Butter , Eggs or Cream

Schillingbollen Buns

Norwegian Schillingbollen

My Variation of the Schillingbollen. Similar to the Chelsea Bun but with Almonds and Icing


Bread & Rolls

Home made Bread and Crusty Rolls.

Ideal for the first time bread maker.



Butter Croissants and Ham & Cheese Crroissants


Doughnuts (Jam)

Jam or Ring Doughnuts


Pizza Dough

Fresh Pizza Dough. Easy to make lovely to eat!


Chocolate & Almond Brownies

Yummy, Sticky, Chocolate and Almond Flake Brownies.

Pavola With Strewberries

Pavola with Strewberries

Easy all-in-one pavaola servered with sliced strewberries


Hot Crossed Buns

Dried fruit, Apple and cinnamon buns

Updated September 2016

This site was initially written to support Red Nose Day 2013 and had a domain name of I have now added a few new recipes to the site for you to download and enjoy.

In Aid of Comic Relief 2013

David King - Red Nose Day 2013

Here are several recipes that I know you love. I am not a chef or professional cook. I just like to bake now and again so I decided to publish some of my own recipes for you all to enjoy and hoped to raise a bit of money for Comic Relief 2013.

Red Nose Day - Rasing MoneyThe recipes have easy to follow guides however some require a little more time to make. But there is nothing better than eating something freshly made from the oven. You can download all the recipes from this site here and from every page on this site.


What's it all about?

David King - Red Nose Day 2013

This fun site is designed to help and support Comic Relief 2013. No profit, advertising or promotion of products are supported on this site. External links are made to the official Comic Reflief website in order for you to make a donation to support the Comic Relief cause

Please feel free to download and use the recipes on this site to help raise money for Comic Relief.

Please note my Comic Relief Donation page is now closed but you can still give money to this good cause if you wish.

David King

A little help from my sister Susan

My sister Susan lives in Australia but she kindly sent her recipe for ‘Lemonade Scones’. This recipe is one of her favourites however I have struggled to find the correct cream fat content in the UK to reproduce these. However this is a global site and they do look good so I have included them for you to try. We still have a battle on whose scones are best!

Sue is a great cook and often has a cook-off with friends so maybe next time we will both add more recipes for you to make.


Thank you!

ChefThank you all that have donated to Comic Relief. Please continue to enjoy the recipes from this site.

D. King
David King